Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quick Housetraining Checklist

  • Your puppy should be let out for a washroom break immediately after he/she is let out of the crate, had something to eat or drink, woken up from a nap, finished with a play session or done chewing on a bone.

  • A pup should be given the opportunity to relieve themselves outside regularly while the are awake and enjoying time to roam in the house (every half hour is recommended

  • Watch your pup when you let them out to do their business to be sure they did.  If they don’t do anything keep an extra watchful eye until their next outing  

  • If you catch your pup having an accident in the house, abruptly lead them outside to finish.  DO NOT punish the dog!  It will not teach them to go outside but rather make them afraid to go in front of you! 

  • If you find an accident and the dog is no where near it, clean it up and go about your day.  Dragging the dog to it and ‘rubbing his nose in it’ will not help in the housetraining process and only makes you look a little crazy to the dog.

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